Spring Cleaning

A deep clean that helps with the overall up-keep of your home.

Summer Rental Change-Over Cleaning

Done on weekdays, this quick cleaning will get your home looking spiffy for next week’s tenant.

General Cleaning

Impress new tenants, your in-laws or just give yourself a treat. At an affordable cost you have to try our General Cleaning!

Office Cleaning

Done at a business establishment, have your office looking sharp for new clients!

Construction Cleaning

This type of cleaning is done after major home renovations or new home building. It is similar to a Spring Cleaning with a few additions. Get ready to show off your shiny new home!

Special Home Cleaning Projects

Custom jobs suiting your needs. Feeling overwhelmed or just don’t have the time to organize? Instead of a hassle, come home to a beautiful new space.

Take advantage of the additional services we offer, specially designed for home owners.

You’re busy at work, vacationing, raising kids, or off on an adventure. Get a little more out of life and come home to a feeling of relaxation.

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Carpet Cleaning

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Duct Work Cleaning

High Tide Cleaning Service Orange Fish

Power Washing

High Tide Cleaning Service Blue Egret

Window Washing