Spring Cleaning

End of Season

Spring Cleaning is a deeper type clean and can help in better managing overall up keep of your home. We don’t have a set pricing on this style of cleaning as all homes have different level of effort needed.  

Let High Tide Cleaning work our magic, you’ll be glad you did.


Please contact us for more information.

  • All mildew in shower and sink bleached and scrubbed
  • Fronts of bathroom cabinets washed
  • Toilet bowl and area bleached and disinfected

Additional optional items that may be requested

  • Tile floorings steamed, scrubbed and bleached if needed
  • Decluttering  inside drawers and cabinets
Bedrooms and Living Rooms
  • All coffee tables and furniture dusted
  • All mirrors, picture frames,knick knacks dusted and TV windexed
  • Vac inside and under couches
  • Lamp dust removed
  • Vents dusted
  • Grime on any light fixtures
  • Rugs thoroughly vacuumed
  • All glass sliders done and its track cleaned
  • Ceiling fans washed
  • Baseboards dusted or washed
  • Blinds dust free
  • Door ledges washed
  • Dust removed under beds and in closets
  • Bed frame area dust removed 
  • Due to liabilities constraints, we will not move furniture. Furniture may be moved by owner, prior to the visit
  • All surfaces thoroughly cleaned and disinfected
  • Kitchen surfaces and cabinet exteriors cleaned
  • Microwave cleaned inside and out
  • We require that Self Cleaning Ovens be run on self-clean mode, according to manufacturer instructions, the day before your scheduled High Tide clean to cool down before we can wipe out.
  • Inside stove top cleaned
  • Grime off any appliances
  • Trash area and under kitchen sink washed
  • Kitchen drawer and cabinet clutter cut down
  • Remove any grime on kitchen chairs and table
  • Wooden floors vacuumed, swiftered and washed
  • Fridge and freezer cleaned inside and out (We require Fridge to be emptied and freezer must be defrosted prior to our visit)
  • Fridge and oven cleaning
Laundry Areas
  • Washer and dryer  wiped down (lint area will not be addressed)
  • Floors vacuumed, swifted and mopped. 

Additional optional items that may be requested

  • Check walls and stairs for dark smudges white magic erased